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Every day of my whole life
I have you what you wanted
I always knew our love was true
So I went out and bought it.

Every night that I’ve been here
I’ve called you on you cell phone
I always knew you had a place in my heart
I was not alone

Then all the days went by
And my phone didn’t ring
You were having fun with him
And it ruined everything, and I said…

This it the way it has to be
I am staying, you are leaving
This isn’t fair, we must part.
I know it’s gonna break your heart.
But I knew, and I knew
That this would happen
I knew, and I knew
That this would happen.

Ever day of my whole life
I’ve wanted what you couldn’t give me
So I will try to find a way

Every night that I’ve been here
I’ve coped with all my pan and fear
I wanted a love so true
But all I got were punky blues




Chorus (x2)

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