Welcome to the Motion Lyrics

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There’s a place on earth
Where devils build their homes
They roam around in search
Of someone who’s alone

You’ve got too much to be living for nothing
You’ve got two hands that are made for working

Stop just existing
And start to live your life

Are you a sleepless dreamer?
Are you discontented with your life?
Do you have the will to make your dreams come alive?
Why don’t you get up and try?

There’s too many people afraid of movement
You’ve got two feet that are made for walking

Stop just existing
And start to live your life

It’s time to move along
Start holding on to the rest of your life
Death and crime and pain and time
Can’t keep you stuck forever

Welcome to the motion
Welcome to assurance
Welcome to redemption
Welcome to your future

Stop just existing
And start to live your life

Welcome to the Motion Album Song List

  1. This Old House
  2. My Faith is in the Grave
  3. Welcome to the Motion
  4. Surrounded
  5. Smaller
  6. Nameless Race
  7. Foreign
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