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[Intro: Newscaster]
Police pepper spray students protesters and tonight, officers are on leave and more protests are being planned

We keep going
Don’t stop running
They keep selling
“We don’t want it”
Almost found a way

Two steps closer
They keep coming
We keep yelling
“We don’t want it”
Almost better, this thing’s bound to break
[? whispered]

[Verse 1: Bambu]
Eh yo, one cop does it
Two cop does it
Three cop does it
And fourth cop watch it
Somebody taping
Evening news play it
Twenty minutes later pig chief make statement
Cop gets suspended
Smiles at arraignment
Cause judge just dropped the charges, rewind and replay it
So when I scream “fuck the police,” that’s just to grab you
Then I break the statement down over something that you can clap to
Problem at the [?]
It’s like it’s incest with the courts
Force feeding people to prisons that’s private, then of course the cops
Play a role in keeping you on parole
Then send you right back on a tier to the yard or to the hole
Keep that piggy on patrol, tell him here’s how to control
If you ain’t never lived here, how the fuck you supposed to know?
Then again the problem’s bigger than just crooked-ass pigs
Got the game already playing, keep ’em killing our kids
And I…


[Verse 2: Bambu]
I mean of course we need police, but not police the way we know it
These ticket writin’ fuckin’ with you first thing in the mornin’
Treat you like a criminal, pat you down at your school
Arrest you over a quota over racist-ass rules
The officer is the overseer, power-tripper, [?]
Only thing that’s left to feel some power over a Black man, Brown man
Knowing no badge, man you’re a rat
You could give a fuck about these little kids where you patrol at
Imagine tryin’ to function not trustin’ those to protect you
Paid to protect you so you have to protect you
Who do you expect to?
Last week they tried to get you
[?] you up and arrest you
Citation issued
I mean fuck a rent-a-cop too if he hasslin’ shit
And fuck the walking pig, (why?) cause Rick is a pig
Pepper spraying college kids while sittin’ in peaceful protest
You coward motherfucker, you should be beat in the open while we…


[Outro from Old School]
(dart gun shot)
Peppers: Yes! That’s awesome!
Frank: Is this bad?
Peppers: You should pull that out. That shit is not cool
Frank: Wait, pull what out?
Peppers: The dart, man. You got a fuckin’ dart in your neck
Frank: You’re craz-You’re crazy man

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