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“It’s the shit”

[Verse One: Bambu]
This is unemployment rap music
Get used to it
Go rob a bank to it
Foreclose your house to it
You see it coming wanting shit you could do about it
And like a train wreck, instead of running
Y’all just crowd around it
And talk about it like y’all ain’t a part of it
Like all this 99% talk is fucking foreign
I’m from L.A. where our gangs run everything
Shit could get resolved if the cops stopped meddling
A reckoning is coming you could put that on my hood
Fuck the count holmes
I measure bullets by the foot
Soul Assassins, Sick Jacken, Big Bam’ baarratt
I better hear pistols popping, where my sister’s at?
She can’t hold a pistol, tell her, “keep walking”
Somebody who gon’ teach my kids how to fire a rocket
While you out making a radio hit
Homie I make this and “it’s the shit”

[Scratch Hook]
“Be ready from the get go, blaow, y’all hear my shit go” – Outkast ‘Ain’t No Thang’
“It’s the shit”
“Swift with the shit like bullet’s trajectory” – Gang Starr ‘Brainstorm’
“It’s the shit”
“Be ready from the get go, blaow, y’all hear my shit go” – Outkast ‘Ain’t No Thang’
“It’s the shit”
“The shit that I’m saying make sure it’s heard” – Ice Cube ‘Ghetto Bird’
“It’s the shit”

[Verse Two: Sick Jacken]
They call it number two
It’s what you put into Pookie
Light it up and inhale that shit
Get your motherfucking psycho on, sell that shit
But keep money in a shoe box so you bail out quick
Pimp, a bit of hood advice, given by the big homie
He told me always put a rubber over your cannoli
You’re gonna have a drink, never have it by your lonely
And if you’re gonna rep, make sure it’s your side only
Uh huh
Cause hood hoppers end up Jimmy Hoffas
Yep, good coppers all [?] papa
Pop rappers all Cyndi Laupers
We drop shit, even constipation can’t stop us
Yeah, it’s that chicano and Penoi rap
All that other bullshit, you can just avoid that
Raw sound waves now turn into a noise trap
That’s why I can’t wait for Big Duke to get his voice back

[Scratch Hook]

[Verse Three: Bambu]
This is come-across-the-border music
And start looting
Tear down a wall to it
Or cut a fence to it
Undocumented students?
This government is stupid
To think that chickens ain’t home like, “Fuck Houston”
This execution shooting, line ’em up and drop ’em
Mexicans/El Salvadorians let’s get it poppin’
Central South America and out in Cuba too
“My boricua tieno’s” ready to bust a move
In Begantas with a gas mask on
And black hoodies
Rest In Power Trayvon
I remember suckas in high school days
Getting punked in the quad, afraid to catch a fade
Then they graduate and join the L.A.P.D
Then I see ’em in the street…(hahaha)
Me and Knowledge just laugh blowing smoke out the whip
Can’t turn the music down pig “It’s the shit”

“Niggas still trippin’ off the shit I said last year” – Ice Cube ‘Get Off My Dick And Tell Your Bitch To Come Here’

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