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Keep Movin' lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Brock Zeman and released on the Album $100 Difference. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Keep Movin' lyric.

Baby I’m at a truck stop calling from a payphone
I’ve been driving all day long and I’ve been thinking about you
My eyes were getting blurry so I pulled off of the highway
To get me a cup of coffee….I’ve gotta few more miles to do
I blew a tire yesterday and I nearly cried by the side of the road
I still can’t say what for I’m just wondering why I do what I do
It all seems a little bit crazy the lengths that I’ll go to
And what I put my body and my soul through just to sing a tune

And the rain it just rains
It don’t care about curses it don’t care about praise
So I asked the wind how to live
It said: Just keep moving

Money’s been tight between the bad food and the hotel rooms
The cigarettes and the booze and the gas tank swallow what’s left
I finally realized that money really don’t mean shit
And there’s only a hundred dollar difference
Between a worry and a good nights rest
So come next Sunday I’ll be heading back home
So baby, leave the light on I’ll be rolling in Wednesday night I’m guess
Well, I’d best be moving but you know how to reach me
And if you’re ever feeling lonely just call me back
When you get this message

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