Heat In Here Lyrics

Heat In Here lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Camron And Vado and released on the Album Gunz N' Butta. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Heat In Here lyric.

Yo aarab? you got heat in there?

I got heat in here . . .

You got in there and I got heat in here . . .

1200 in here . . .

what’s that shit called? an mp what?

that shit you tap on?

This shit right here called crack . . .

ok . . .

mp nothing

Listen . . .

12 this . . .

What car I didn’t drive? I had every sneaker so . . .
I’m that nigga, my nigga
somethin’ you need to know
Don’t talk, everything I don’t need to know
Tavern on the green, papaya where I treat a hoe
I’m a criminal, heroin no chemicals
Niggas know my name, I don’t deal with subliminals
My niggas knocked, they’ll spit in ya face
law library, looking for a glitch in the case
sit in ya place, before you get a stitch in your face
a number to his ass, get him erased
that toolie fly, no piece
moolie die, no grief
you cool? we cool
coolie high, cochese
looking like a bowl of sugar, so sweet
thinking bout what you look like, no teeth
so get right, noon to midnight
wrist bright, kill em with the blade on my swiss knife

* Hook *

cars, boats, clothes
just to name a few
stars, coke, hoes
yea they hang with you
every feature presented
we album painted true
y’all niggas is sick wit it
we make y’all faces blue

* Hook *

Oohs and aahhs
yes y’all
I confess y’all
no homo but every bar, niggas head nod
tap the sky like, like no lie
the next y’all
expensive fly like a shop in a jet mall *Vado*
when I touch mics, the kid bout it
was up nights, with fluff white
I spit about it
GTR, pick up nights the feel about it
if that’s your wife, I fucked twice
small thing to a giant, known for breaking down small things to a client
4 pound, a small things in the iron
fucked what could have been a small thing but you lyin’
It’s no comparison, confident
a lot of arrogance
battle me? Let me save you from the embarrassment
you average, just a kid
I’m the mavericks
You play for me, take a seat at my establishment

* Hook*

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  3. Heat In Here
  4. Fuck-A-Freestyle
  5. We All Up In Here
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