Systematic Elimination Lyrics

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Scurrilous, widespread death
Punitive, stagnant mess
Rancorous killing spree
Punishing massacre

Eternal insanity fueling the need
To randomly vanquish mankind
The inception of ultra demise

Systematic elimination
Systematic elimination

Barbarous, genocide
Mutilate, withered lives

Systematic elimination
Systematic elimination

Die human thing, rot eternally
One, one by one are left to bleed
Cries bellowing instant misery
Gone, life is gone lying in death’s bed

The act of murdering, so empowering
Exact number of dead will be unknown
Intact corpse are few and far between
Destroy, [Incomprehensible] of suffering

One, one by one

Killing and killing at will
Methodic destruction must thrive
Values of horror instilled
Deep in a most sinister mind

Rancorous, barbarous
Scurrilous, ominous
You will now die

Annihilate the populace
To consecrate this earth as a grave

One, one by one

Systematic elimination
Systematic elimination
One by one rot eternally

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