Far Cry from Fargo Lyrics

Far Cry from Fargo lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Charlie Parr and released on the Album Roustabout. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Far Cry from Fargo lyric.

Eldon caught outta Portland with Fargo on his mind (x2)
Found an empty icebox and stuffed himself inside
They made good time to Billings but he hadn’t eaten in 3 days (x2)
Daren’t poke his head out they shook for tramps all along the way
His reefer was cut out in Dilworth but he still kept outta sight (x2)
He just couldn’t stop shaking but he stayed in the hole all night
When he finally climbed out of that icebox he was too weak too stand (x2)
He collapsed down to the gravel and prayed lord give me your hand
But the good lord didn’t hear him and the police found him first (x2)
The chief stared hard to his face and Eldon heard him curse
You’re the dirty rounder that shot his girl out west (x2)
We’ll send you back to see the judge about what little life you might have left
Eldon cried and confessed how he’d shot his girl was true (x2)
But he said get it right, you know I shot her boyfriend too

Roustabout Album Song List

  1. Far Cry from Fargo
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  3. Warmin' By the Devil's Fire
  4. Adrift in Lake Superior At Sunrise
  5. Don't Send Your Child to War
  6. The B&J Ain't Nothin' But a Hole in the Ground
  7. Come Along & See
  8. Farmer
  9. Midnight Has Come & Gone
  10. God Moves On the Water
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