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What did you think he meant
When he said
If you wanna see the change
You gotta be it?

You’re home alone
Chillin in your comfort zone
With your head in your hands
You say you can’t believe
Everything you see happening
But I can’t see why
You’re so surprised
That things just stay the same
When all you do is say

chorus (w/ TruthBeTold):
“It’s quite amazing how things change
but please don’t change right by me.
And I came here to save the day
but all I save is what I see.”

It’s been so long
Why both of us holding on
Can’t get along
It’s deeper than the lines of this song
Right or wrong
The scent of another soaking my garments
And many more than you got a chance to see the apartment
Heard the heart beat in my chest through tainted flesh
We downtown playing a couple, you and me a mess
I didn’t know how retain, maintain and stay sane
Ignoring your calls anytime you hit me on AIM
I’d rather drag you along than leave
I want you to feel exactly how I feel on every single eve’
Created the rain from your eyes, I wasn’t other guys
At least I told you from the jump, baby girl, and never lied
With many missed calls
Promises been getting broken
You let me back in, no problem, you was open,
I’m trying to save you now, being straight up for the moment
Maybe we should part right now and do our own shit
Save the Day


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