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Break break away from everything
Cut cut it up and start again
Know know there’s nothin’ in between
But anyway
How much did it ever really mean

I I was the keeper of the score
Blind blind and broken on the floor
You You were the solider in this war
But anyway
Was it it me that you were really looking for

I am ashes
I am wreckage
I am careless
I am breaking
You are fearless
You’re the saviour
We are dangerous
No more

Made made a mess of everything
Prayed prayed that it would never end
I I’m not angry bout a thing
But anyway
How much longer can you keep it in

Show show a side I’d never seen
Go go somewhere you’re never been
Reach reach for something in between
But anyway
How much did it ever really mean


After all that might have been
After all that could have been
After all that should have been
I’m falling in


No more, no more, no more

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