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This is it you know I had enough
I’m tired of you pushin luck
It’s all the stupid things that you do
That makes me so fed up with you (here we go)

Here you go talk talk talking again
Need to cut the act out cause its just pretend
What you say is not fair (no that aint fair)
And if you know me better than you’ll realize I don’t care

But when you don’t think(I don’t care)
You do flawless things I’m just giving you fair warning
About the hurt and pain

I’m fine without caring don’t try to scare me
Your words don’t mean $hit to me so I wont let it get to me No

But who will be your friend that day when you fall
And when you need someone to talk to who can you call

No i don’t need nobody else but me and myself
Don’t mean to seem selfish but i cant help it

(Chorus (Eddie):)
What it all boils down to through all the hate she still loves you
Wait a minute the bottom line
It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right
By the end of the damn day it’s not about what you had to say
She’s you sister why can’t you make up make the past be gone
So you can move on (Move on)

(Valure & Gabby:)
Stop listen up
No I aint tryin to hear it now
So why am i wastin time if you being childish
We’re just two women comersing so why are you so upset
Your not a women yet (Silly me how could I forget)
So whats the deal with you and your main friend (you wanna know)
When are you going to break it off with him
It’s over
Go mind your own
I think it’s best that i leave you (me) alone

(Chorus w/ ad lib)

(Valure & Gabby:)
Can’t stand the things you say (don’t you ever shut up)
Choices that you make
Why do
Why do you keep hating on me
Girl your so clueless your foolish you don’t understand
Oh you could never be me
when will you understand I cant change who i am
You’re to damn stubborn to recieve hate
So what
That’s your problem
Oh well
Can I help you


Oooh ooh Oooh Ooh (until fade)

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