Doomsday Dawns Lyrics

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Doom is awaiting with fire and pain
Plague is upon us and here to remain
Gods or grave rite bring no cure to this blight
Forfeit is land and the sea

Sanctuaries are plundered, the just are despised
Turning our faces from wisdom and pride
Ashamed of the good but exult in misdeeds
Victory-less indignity

And we are not ashamed

Denouncing allegiance, our bonds are betrayed
Contriving our laws from our lust
Forsaking our care by the word and the deed
Thus we have earned our deserts

Awaiting the fall

So alas for the misery
And alas for the great disgrace
Now we’re facing the arrows of truth
Let us ride out, heading for death
Winter will summon us all

False-hearted tricksters and high-ranking thieves
Treason and lawlessness spread like disease
The noble stand silent while evil succeeds
Burdened with death’s final toll

And thus my friends I beg of you
To hear this sombre plea
To stand your ground through hopelessness and cold adversity
To bow to justice, make amends with harsh reality
Or chose to take the mountain road
Forever doomed to flee
Lest we perish forever

This is the end

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