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I Want You lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist French Montana and released on the Album NY On Top: Year Of The Underdog. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song I Want You lyric.

Black hoodie, black sneaks, black Benz all
Money off, eight thou, put my hands on
Mob ties, as the junk food, bar wise
Now nigger says more side
Don’t believe what you read, get you fellas hurt
I’m bump MC while I sit and serve
Niggers get the point, fuck Faller
My bitch is a 10 I’m a clouder
On that red eye try taste some
One my eyes red, hope to haze her up
Clean like I’m ‘bout to mix you hard
Get your plane ticket, nigger one way to go

You know I want you
You know I need you
I gots to have you
Let me please you

Let me please you baby
I know you might not give no pussy to Montana
But you know, you know, you might wanna give some pussy to Chinx
Don’t you baby?

Hard shots build a nigger up (a nigger up)
I was broken down (down)
Snatched a wing off the bird then I made supper
95% of niggers suckers
You think it’s all real
They play the small bills
Late night, candle light with that cold steel
Slap through the blizzard, I know how the cold feel
Ride dirty, still rollin’ on four wheels (wussup?)
Kiss the game on the forehead
Lay down to rest, large amounts of stress
Got me on my number one
Deal’s on the table, still try serving one
Dig me, I’m from the jungle, they don’t go there
Far rock American, you get it for the low there

You know I want you
You know I need you
I gots to have you
Let me please you

Hey baby
You know I’m sayin’
And even if you won’t fuck me, Chinx or Montana
Suck on my nigger Flip

I wanna see your dreams come true, you got awake ah
First thing on my mind in the morning is get this cake up (this cake up)
I got a so to the vision when then I pick up
Cuz I’m the nigger, the fiend, she for the wake up
Erotica my vitamin, that’s just me
They speak kindly when they speak ‘bout me
Copy boy after LIP
Catch me with Montana
Well that boy shoots D, drugs
Nothing but love when you fuckin’ with us (fuckin’ with us)
I brought myself some sticky and it’s all on us uh
I hate a naggin’, that nigger runs through my baby momma
So stay the fuck away from realm cuz I ain’t with the drama
You know I keep the lama and that’s rule to my momma
Come fuck with the Cokeboy maybe

You know I want you
You know I need you
I gots to have you
Let me please you

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