Breaking Ties Lyrics

Breaking Ties lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Ironwill and released on the Album Unturned. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Breaking Ties lyric.

Hand in hand at this fork in the road,

And to the right is where I thought we’d go.

Did I fall short, or let you down?

Did my actions cause a change of heart?

I’ve been searching high and low

To find the place I once called home.

Embrace the hours when I actually sleep,

But fear the memories that haunt me in my dreams.

Whispers in the wind (and visual stimulations)

I can’t stand to relive (false hopes and aspirations).

Please don’t drag me back, covering my eyes and ears.

But I can’t shut this thing off that beats inside my chest.

Laying face down at my feet

Without a clue of how long I’ve struggled,

Attempting to worm your way back.

But I’m sorry, I closed that door long ago.

Forgiveness isn’t what I’m looking for.

Breaking ties, no more lies.

Say goodbye to the boy you once knew.

Say goodbye to that life.

Say goodbye to what forever meant.

Breaking ties, no more lies.

Hand in hand we will no longer walk.

Opposing deals and emotions, I’ve lifted my head from my hands.

Damages already done, now it’s time to call it a draw.

But only time will tell when the war is won inside myself.

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