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I Feel Good lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Jay Electronica and released on the Album What the F**K Is a Jay Electronica. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song I Feel Good lyric.

I feel good when I wake up in the morning, yawning
crack a dawn and i say my prayers
thank god for makin me a super MC slayer
brush my teeth hit the shower then I comb my hair
step out the crib lookin dappa dappa
I hit the cipher on the corner then I smack a rapper
with a sweet sixteen, I’m so mean with this mic machine
you wanna battle me ill battle you and shatter your dreams
I said what up, he said what up, I took your girl so what up
the crowd screamed he threw the towel man enough is enough
now im, on my way it’s a beautiful day
sun shining on my back man what more can I pray
rims shinin on the lak man what more can I say
cant nobody make me angry cuz I’m happy today
my little sister doin’ good, my mama doin’ good
and my grandmother just turned seventy three
I feel good

Can’t nobody ruin my day (I feel good, I feel good)
And I ain’t lettin’ no negativity come my way (I feel good, I feel good)
The first thing I do when I open up my eyes is pray (I feel good, I feel good)
And I don’t really care about the dumb shit that people say (I feel good, I feel good)

You know me well I’m gettin busy on the regular
I’m spittin flames on these lame ass competitors
live on the road my home phone is a cellular
email, two-way man, etcetera, uh huh
I got, people to meet, I got, places to go
I got stages to blow, I got, faces to take off the motherfuckin map man
I’ll drop a bomb on yo’ ass like the Gap Band
I’m eating pellets chasin ghosts like I’m Pac-Man
straight outta hell full speed like I’m Batman
pirellis spinnin deuce quads on the lak man
with two fingers out the window holla back man
ya hoid [“heard”] me?
you can catch me in the carpool lane with Mr. Jane
swinging and banging that wood grain, sittin on thangs
stuntin with a A-town chain from Pete Game
reppin that Third Ward I’m a uptown man
it’s all good

They said down south was wack when it came to rap
that our thoughts was too slow and we couldnt adapt
when in fact we taught you how to build a label from scratch
while you was whining bout the points in your contract black, yup
we slip when we talk and we dip when we walk
when we came to the game, niggas stole our slang
uh huh, we hit the game with a brand new funk
and plus we taught ya how to sling a record out of your trunk
its dirty south til i die homie
we in the ville where they trill spittin fire homie
you wanna burn in the fire come and try homie
man look, we rea-dy to ride homie
down here we fear no man god only
we got the boxin’ gloves on out here and we rumble and rap
we in the game talkin big shit they mumblin back
and now that i got that off my chest… listen
I feel good

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