Wolverton Mountain Lyrics

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They say don’t go on Wolverton Mountain
If you’re looking for a wife
‘Cause Clifton Clovers has a pretty young daughter
He’s mighty handy with a gun and a knife

Her tender lips are sweeter than honey
And Wolverton Mountain protects her there
The bears and the birds tell Clifton Clovers
If a stranger should wander there

You know all my dreams are on Wolverton Mountain
I want his daughter for my wife
I’m gonna take my chances and climb that mountain
Though Clifton Clovers he may take my life
Her tender lips

Oh, I’m going up on Wolverton Mountain
It’s too lonesome down here below
It’s just not right to hide his daughter
From the one who loves her so
Oh, her tender lips

But I don’t care about Clifton Clovers
I’m gonna climb up on his mountain
I’m a gonna take the one I love, I don’t care about Clifton Clovers
I’m gonna climb up on that mountain, I’m gonna get that girl I love

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