Snowglobe Lyrics

Snowglobe lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Jesca Hoop and released on the Album The House That Jack Built (Deluxe Edition). CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Snowglobe lyric.

In the deep Wyoming snow
Water runs over rocks
Like blood and bone below
her long white robe
eyes alive with stars
of brighter light of hope
we have all come home

to take her side
at the mountains foot
we left the past behind
I’m your child
In a snow globe
This precious moment froze in time
We have all come home

How are you
Feeling quite well
Feeling quite well
For I love you
How are you felling quite well
Feeling qiute well
For I’m loved

And as the earth spins steadily on
So my snowy globe spins steady towards the sun
Water runs
Ice drapes thin over the rocks like mothers skin
We have all come home

To take her side
Singing “we are going”
In a chamber choir of five
Mothers pride
“I know” echoes as she lifts to cross the great divide
we have all come home

how are you….

The House That Jack Built (Deluxe Edition) Album Song List

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  2. Snowglobe
  3. Dig This Record
  4. The House That Jack Built
  5. Peacemaker
  6. Ode To Banksy
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