Farmer And The Lord Lyrics

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While resting the one evening by the side of the road
I saw an old farmer in the field that he just ploughed
His face was all brown and wrinkled by the wind
And he was talking to the Lord just like he’d be talking to a friend

Well Sir, he said with his voice calm and quiet
The corn tassels need stackin’ and I got no strength to tie it
Had no rain in so long that the fields are mighty dusty
And it’s been so unbearable hot
That the kids were even gettin’ fussy

Now that grass down the pasture should be knee high
If we could just have a little shower, Lord
It might keep the calf from going dry

Oh, but listen to me talking, You’d think I wasn’t grateful
Why? If You didn’t know me so well, Lord
You’d think I was down right hateful
You’d think I forgot about that new calf that You sent
And the money in the mail that took care of the rent

Ma’s colds better and Johnny’s home from the navy
And that good Sunday dinner of hot chicken
And dumplings and gravy

And that new preacher You sent us, Lord
He’s sure a fine young man
Why? He’s just convertin’ the sinners to beat the band

Well, guess, I’ll mosey on home now, Lord
I won’t take no more Your time
Guess there’s plenty folks here about waitin’ to ring Your line
Evening to You, Lord and watch over us tonight
And don’t You worry about us now, Lord
‘Cause everything is gonna be all right

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