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There was a pearl at the bottom of the sea
He was a diver like you and me
From a little village built on the sand
Where the people had nothing but faith in the Lord’s hand

In the far-away near, the pearl was always there
Floating like a dream or like a storm in the air
And the pearl grew bigger on the people’s despair
When the divers went to dive, they prayed the same sad prayer

Oh, God, help me find it this time
When I hold it to the light, how the pearl will shine

Early one morning, fates changed everything
Zandro’s baby boy felt the scorpion’s sting
The town doctor just sent them away
“Poor people like you, got no money to pay”

In Maya’s arms, her baby just cried
While Zandro heard the pearl’s song pounding louder inside
Into his boat he put his wife and child
And paddled out into the ocean wild

Oh, God, help me find it this time
When I hold it to the light, how the Pearl will shine
Help me Lord, help me Lord, help me Lord, help me
When he held it to the light the great pearl did shine

Evil on evil, sin on sin
The whole town’s hunger started closin’ in
The priest came from the churchyard to show his deep concern
The doctor came to visit, now there was money to be earned

His child got better despite the doctor’s pills
Whose plan it was to fake him sick, then pretend to heal his ills
And Maya said, “Let’s throw this pearl back to sea
I do believe it’s wicked, it’ll curse our family”

Oh, God, Zandro couldn’t see the sign
When he held it to the light the Great Pearl did shine
Shimmering, glistening, glimmering, glowing
When he held it to the light, the Great Pearl did shine

With knives they came to steal his precious prize
Zandro killed beneath the starless sky
With blood-stains on his hands they had to flee
But some crushed his boat, so they couldn’t go by sea

They fled into the mountains by moonlight
Three hunters close behind them through the night
Then high up on a rocky mountain side
Zandro found a cave for his family to hide

He spied the hunters camp and waited ’til they slept
With his knife strapped to his back, down the rocks he crept
Silently for hours, ’til he was almost there
Then just before Zandro planned to leap into the air

High up on the mountain his child made a sound
A gun went off, the song of evil echoed all around
Oh, Zandro killed the hunters but it was all to late
One bullet in the darkness sealed his child’s fate

Maya took her baby down to the sea
With Zandro by her side, not believing such a thing could be
That his child would never waken fro his sleep
Then Zandro threw the pearl with all his might
And gave it back to the deep

There was a pearl at the bottom of the sea
He was a diver like you and me

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