G.P. (Interlude 2) Lyrics

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So one time I had a concert I had to do in Seattle
So I had to fly from Iowa City to Denver
From Denver to Phoenix
And from Phoenix to Seattle
Um to make the long story short
I end up getting at Denver
Thought I got to my gate
I had a two hour layover so I’m sitting chilly
Two hours later they’re starting calling people aboard
I walk up, hand the dude my ticket and he like
You at the wrong gate
So I’m mad, I start running trying to make it to the other gate
And never the less I ended up missing my flight
And I could remember being frustrated and mad
I asked God like why the heck did you allow this to happen man?
But they ended up getting me a flight that flew me directly to Seattle
Which was cool cause by the time I ended getting to Seattle
I walked in a venue and I literarily walked on stage eight minutes after I walked into the venue
But what was the amazing thing was
The next day we found out that
Had I gone on that flight going to Phoenix
I would’ve never made it to Seattle
Because the flight going from Phoenix to Seattle got canceled
And it just reminded me how God was sovereignly at work behind the scenes
So though this was a pain I caused because I went to the wrong gate
It was God who was sovereignly at work and just using it for my own growth
God’s sovereign will at work man
It’s a growing pain

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