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Street Matrix lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Killah Priest and released on the Album Elizabeth (Introduction To The Psychic). CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Street Matrix lyric.

(Killah Priest)
In the galaxy there’s a cube, the cube is the net
The net is the streets where killers log on to connect
Neurotransmitters dealers’ recept
Looking for a transplant niggas for the body to reject
Thru the street deep, neurons, niggas form like cells
Holding heat, molecules that’ll buss off at least shells
A round of ground of ya domes town, chrome four pound
And park in lake areas, hunters release the hounds
Here’s where the peptide feeds on they own proteins
Single iron will blow ions
Nigga contaminate the bloodstream
Arteries clog ya lobbies, receptors not enough oxygen’s
Red cells camouflage with shotty’s
Peptides are synthesized in the neutrons soma
Caused the block to go into a coma
Synaptics die, rush, switch the chemicals after the weed aroma
Removal of the blocks, brains mechanism, may affect the system
Get out of line, flatline when the tec will hit ’em
Respect the wisdom or its death in prison

In the street matrix
Thugs shed blood in front of all nations
The Beast soon arise, surprise! Saddam had a facelift
Big Brother disguise, I hide in the spaceship
In the street matrix

(Killah Priest)
Alkaline thugs blasting at amino acid niggas
Attack the killers, follow white rabbit dealers
Downholes Merovingian ho’s, holding ratchet triggers
Underground railroads like modern Harriet pictures
Drug endorphins is released
Ecstasy bitches walking in the streets
Coffins beneath, opiates, OG kids
But nothing in New York is sweet
Jezebel show ya bitch with the bullets she caught with her teeth
Blocks are sedated, till the glocks is waving
Cops are caving, shots are blazing
Like the Nazis invading, dude’s beefing
Till the glucagon, PCP’s start secretion
Than this bitch whispers the secret
The laws of attraction, war there’s action
Capping, stabbing, the old lady telling the captain
While the analysts grafting, so take a trip thru the mind
And take a trip down the train line
At the same time, what’s out there is in you
The real meaning of an interview, street matrix


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