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Lyric In My Head lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Lynette Diaz and released on the Album Lyrics In My Head. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Lyric In My Head lyric.

These words that flow with passion
They cannot be contained
My heart is in control now
I’ve lost all claims to restrain

And the music comes so swiftly
And the words take their own cue
From all of the emotion that I’m feeling
Just for you, just for you

I’m gonna sing you a heart song
I’m gonna make it sound good
But, It’ll never quite capture
You, the way I think it should

And, you’re a lyric in my head
A heartfelt melody
You’re the perfect vision of what
A song should be, should be

This song is causing mixed emotion
You might just wanna turn and run
Even though I didn’t say commitment
You’re used to carefree and fun

And, I’m not saying it’s a race
And, I’m not saying lets slow down
‘Cause one and one still make two
And that makes solid ground,
solid ground

You’re the one I wanna get to know
You’re the one that I could really love
And, maybe one day we’ll climb mountains
Two hearts touching way above

And, you’re a lyric in my head
A heartfelt melody
And together, we’re a vision
of what two hearts could be,
could be

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