Ways To Love A Man Lyrics

Ways To Love A Man lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Lynn Anderson and released on the Album Miscellaneous. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Ways To Love A Man lyric.

There are so many ways to love a man
And so many things to understand
And if there ever comes a time
He’ll stay to change his mind

I’ll need a way to hold him and I can
If I know all the ways to love a man
But there’s so many ways to lose a man
So quickly, he can slip through your hands

One little thing goes wrong then all at once he’s gone
And I’d have no way to hold him like I planned
It takes more than just one way to love a man

With my hands in my heart, anything I can find
My child, my home, my soul and my mind
I’ll know that I can hold him, oh yes I can
If I know all the ways to love a man

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