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I can’t trust these bitches, these niggas is snitches
Don’t tell ’em your business just sit back and listen
I can’t go to prison these packs I had driven to make my commission cus money my mission
I need me a trillion your trap I will kick in
Knock doors off the hinges he don’t have the chickens
We killin’ civilians shooting the women then kindnapin’ children can’t get no conviction
Fuck your opinion I’m just tryna make a living
I ain’t robbin’ for the pigeons then I’m posted in the kitchen
I be nervous in the bitch because the cops be tryna listen
Keep the [?] out my trap they had it all on television
Plus word around town that the plug start snitching
Had a spliff from his division he was fuckin’ up my business
But no matter the condition I be trappin’ like a villain
Let me bring the mask out like an ’02 piston
Take a nigga down he with the opposition
I got a lotta plex but got alotta ammunition
I don’t go to war the shit I do is terrorism
Leave your grandma in the house with her head missing
Throw away the guns burn up the expedition
We never snitch never squel carry on tradition
I can spot a pussy nigga with my third vison
Little greedy muthafucka stay in your position
It’s been all my cus my trap
It’s some goofy ass nigga asking me where it’s at
Never served him a sack I won’t serve him a pack
If you knock at my door I’ll bust with the strap
Better make yourself known or the semi gone clap
Never lacking in the trap because I use my [?] cap
No cell phone flipping cus the wires stay tapped
Never lay your fuckin’ head where you keep ya stash at
Gotta cut a nigga off he ain’t ever got ya back
Leave a little cheese out if you lookin’ for a rat
If he fall for the trap let the muthafucka snap
He a real muthafucka if he bring it right back
Loyalty you can’t buy thats a muthafuckin fact
Keep ya niggas in line make sure shit intact
When it’s time to go to war all of ‘me attack
Make one phone call my front line handle that
Don’t need 30 niggas got a 30 on the Glock
Don’t need no circle got a infrared dot
Never trust a friendly nigga with a scheme or a plot
When the shit pop off he’ll leave ya dead on the spot
If you wanna kill a snake you gotta be a snake too
Man the game so fake gotta make your own rules
Cus it’s all about the money do what ya gotta do
Yall niggas don’t know the shit I’ve been through
Got this Trigga Max shit from my big cousin [?]
The judge sent him up state gave his ass 42
Got this Jack Boy shit from my big bro Ju
Some niggas shot in the face but he still pulled through
Got this gettin money habit from my muthafuckin’ daddy
He just got out the feds now my momma real happy
All the risks that I take I do this shit for Ms. Jackie
Whether loading up Maggie’s or I’m sellin’ gram baggies
See I can’t go to jail, won’t get caught lackin’
If the laws run in here, all us get the clappin’
If I ever go down I’m a keep my mouth glued
One mistake in your crew and then your whole like screwed
Locked up in the zoo with some Velcro shoes
Lotta commisary food and some cheap shampoo
On the same money hunt that Big Meeks pursued
Tryna eat like a king and put my fam on too
Finessin’ on the plug with my brother [?]
Could a went to the league but he trappin’ like a fool
Gotta stay lowkey so I made him go to school
Yeah I let him trade the water but can’t paddle his canoe
My other brother 15 showed his ass a QP
Right before he went too school he caught three felonies
Gotta pay for his lawyer and his fuckin’ education
So I’m clearing out traps hurricane evacuation
In other words translatation I be robbin’ locations
Leaving bodies on the pavement if you not donating
Assaulting deadly with these weapons and a lot of aggravation
Cus my time is money and I’m getting impatient
Paranoid in the trap all the time that I’m facing
Two scales four stoves and a new play station
When the streets get dry I’m a keep the hydration
Living every single day in paranoid situations

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