Love to Lose Again Lyrics

Love to Lose Again lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Melanie and released on the Album The Best Of. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Love to Lose Again lyric.

Some folks take their pleasure slow, others like it fast
And some folks lose their futures by living in the past
If you win by taking you might lose your chance to win
And if you lose of heartache you are bound to love again

Every single daytime loses out to night
And every bit of darkness well it uses up the light
You were my religion even though you’re just a man
And man will go on lovin’ so we’re bound to lose again, lose again

My cat is meditating and my dog is scratching fleas
And me I think too much, most people think too much to see
We think too much of loving and we lose more than we win
And woman dies of giving but she’s bound to live again

We think too much of loving to love all that we can
And woman dies of giving but she’s bound to live again

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