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As I sit in my seat
I look for many lovers to meet
The occasional one walks by
I kinda find it fun to try to catch his eye
Make my way off the train
Start walking through the pouring rain
I find myself following the boy that was on the phone
See if she’s waiting for him or he’ll be alone

And I still don’t
Know where to go
But I know
I’m on my way home

Make my way on the bus
Feels good to leave all the street fuss
Then I accidentally trip Jog
The lady from taking her orange juice sip
Go from warm to cold
Pass the houses inhabited by the old
Now Jack is freezing my extremities
Makes it ten times harder to find my keys

And I still don’t
Know where to go
But I know
I’m on my way home

I’m on my way home
[repeat until end]

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