Bleeder Lyrics

Bleeder lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Prussia and released on the Album Four For Attention (EP). CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Bleeder lyric.

you bit my lip and i did
what any common man with sense would do
i bled on you

i lost my job i did
and each and all my mother’s friends are whores

i hit my shin that last step
is farther than my eyes believe it is
i bled on you

your skinny tits and broken ribs
i don’t think i’m gonna cum

i know he can love you more than i
(i always complained about your ego)
did we go breaking and entering?

of all of the things that i’ve done to you
that i could
i live with the fruit of infinity
go rented
your mother’s impressed with my manners she
knows you well
the trucks that you drive to detroit for him
make sense dear
huffing amyl nitrite for side effect
oh grow up
mature babe but only a little bit
like pregnant punks
i put up with all of the college types
they’re showing off
get it away
we get away

i bled on you

Four For Attention (EP) Album Song List

  1. Bleeder
  2. What Am I Gonna Tell Your Mom
  3. This House Boat Is Making Me Sea Sick
  4. Girl Cops
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