All Things New Lyrics

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In this world that’s turning with fires burning
And the earth is yearning
Got more questions than we have answers, but I guess we’re learning.
And I know, I know
That You still in control
And I know that You hold
I know that You by my side
So let’s roll in this world that’s turning faster
On a one way track for disaster
Can You trade my tears for laughter
Can You come back before this all goes backwards
Before this all comes undone
I believe what You said
I believe Your Son
I believe He’s the risen one
And what He started can’t be undone

You make all things new
You hold the world in Your hands, the world in Your hands (x2)

Can I find some room to breathe?
Can I find something in which to believe?
I certainly can’t see past all of this craziness
To the hazy mist
Will this world keep turning ‘round?
Turning, will it turn upside down?
Are we about to drown?
Will we let the final countdown resound, no?
And these wars are raging
With fires blazing climate still raising
It’s amazing in this world of plenty
Plenty sill die of starvation
And my heart is racing
I know that You hold every nation
I know that You hold it all together
You were there at the beginning You be there forever

Come the world may fall around us
And armies rise against us
We know, we know
You’ll never let us go
You’ll never let us go
You’ll never let us go
You’ll never let us go

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  1. All We Got
  2. All Things New
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