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These bare walls hold a familiar theme
In this my home and happy hell
The pain I’ve seen within this empty dream
Locked and barred inside myself

Caged and leashed and smothered in fear
So round and round the chamber spins
You can sink or swim in a sea of tears
But the walls keep closing in

In the aftertaste
In the aftertaste
In the aftertaste

No where to run and no where to hide
Disobey and it’s the back of the fist
Raped and tortured from the inside
With my dignity lost in every hit

I just had to be something, I had to be someone
But I’m overcome by my own self-doubt
Now where’s my freedom, where’s my life?
Where’s my God, where’s my way out?

In the aftertaste
In the aftertaste
In the aftertaste, yeah

It’s so dark inside, I can’t breath inside
I can’t move inside now fade away

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