Hard In Da Paint (Freestyle) Lyrics

Hard In Da Paint (Freestyle) lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Rick Ross and released on the Album Non-Album Releases. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Hard In Da Paint (Freestyle) lyric.

I go hard in da motherfuckin paint nigga*
Touch 8 nigga stuff it in da bank nigga
Oder 20 bottle of da rose’a
Tell that bitch I’m a motherfuckin poblem
Hang with da bloods all da crips and all da robbies

You fuckin with a motherfuckin nigga
20 stax on da ract you fuckin with a killer
I can’t hang with no pussy ass nigga
Thousand Carats in Tha Chain Quater Milli For It Nigga

You Think I Give A Fuck With Wat Otha Niggasz Thank Make Anotha Million Everytme A Nigga Blank I’m Rolling Up Tha Purple && I’m Sippin Pink

Champaine Drown Tha Bitch Until She Gotta Pee She Only Gettn A Ride unless She Kp It Wet You Looking At a gangsta in Disquise You Just Ain’t Peeped It Yet

Call her bean Beavis cause she’s butt-head
She Know I’m Dizzy I Dnt Need Nothing But Head && I’m Payin Top Dolla Chain So Big Can’t Pop Ma Collar Pop One Pill Make A Nigga Spend A Grand Pop Two Pills Make A Nigga Wanna Dance

Pop My Trunk Pop Me A Nigga Just Last Night I Had A Dream I Shot Me A Nigga Pop My Trunk I’m a Pop A Nigga Just Last Night I Had A Dream I Shot Me A Nigga

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