I'll Go on Downtown Lyrics

I'll Go on Downtown lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Robert Earl Keen and released on the Album No Song No Supper: Sugar Hill Singer-Songwriters Dish It Up. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song I'll Go on Downtown lyric.

I’ve got clothes in my closet and new shoes to wear
And all that I wanted, I’ve got more than my share
And the woman who loves me she’s more than a dream
So why am I feeling so low down and mean?

Well I gave up on smokin’ two years ago
And I ain’t been drinkin’ for a month now or so
And I tell everybody that I’ve nothin’ to hide
While I keep the devil locked deep down inside

And tonight I’ll be out there a runnin’ around
Tonight by the light of the moon on the ground
Tonight while the neighbors are sleepin’ so sound
Tonight I’ll slip off and I’ll go on downtown

We used to get crazy and jump in our cars
We’d burn up the highways and we’d close down the bars
But now we’re all married and some moved away
Now, when we get together there’s nothing to say


The lights are all down and the moon’s hangin’ high
And the stars are all shining way up in the sky
And if anyone’s askin’ where I can be found
It’s home in the mornin’ but tonight I’m downtown

Chorus x2

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