(Sort Of) Emo Lyrics

(Sort Of) Emo lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist ROOT! and released on the Album Surface Paradise. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song (Sort Of) Emo lyric.

I, I’m ashamed to admit
I get a little bit
You know, sort of emo

Don’t tell my friends
They love to condesend
I’ll never hear the end
“Here comes Mr Emo”

But this world pulls you till it spews you
Down the loo like Vodka Cruiser
I’m a little emo
I’m a little emo
I’m a little emo

I, I get a little emo
When my alarm clock’s scream-o
Wakes me from my dream-o
And ’cause I’ve not won Keno
I’ll catch the 7.15-o
Sit all day at my machine-o
What does it all mean-o?

It’s no wonder
Kids go under
Turn to whiners in Mum’s eyeliner
It’s all life’s conditions apply
In this surface paradise

I’m a little emo
I’m a little emo
I’m a little emo

I wanna fly out the window far away
Look down on my peers
Drift lost on the freeway
Float like a zephyr above my melancholy

If that isn’t emo, Oh yo he

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