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(*Zac Mason, Andrew Luttrell)

You look at the mirror is it speaking to you*
What is it saying is the reflection true?
It’s bending the picture and it’s twisting your mind
It’s taking your sanity and wasting your time
Look in the cage and she is pretty but thin
Carving your face out on a doll full of pins
You move in closer she keeps pulling you In
Her lips start move and the room starts to spin.

It’s all a house of mirrors,
Wipe away your tears
We smile to disappear
It just doesn’t seem clear
When we say what we hear
Tell me are we what we fear?

You look at the shadows what do you see
Your closet of skeletons that are coming free
Under the surface they kept trying to breathe
Ask for a sign but you never believe
How can you run from what doesn’t give chains
Moving in circles like you’re running in place
You can’t ignore the things that you can’t erase
Taking you under now she won’t leave a trace

On a shelf, just try and you could save yourself

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