Black Passage Lyrics

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White fire expires
Light starts to fade
Black powers devour
Its cold remains

Fierce angel fly
Mocking our cry
Watch as the sky comes down

We follow paralyzed – minds fixed on the Abyss
In an illusive daze where ignorance is bliss
A massive wandering into the great unknown
That’s gonna terminate before the Devil’s throne

The morbid following proceeds on through the land
Too blind to realise we’ll die by our own hands
Red hellions craving for our sinful souls to reap
Distract our eyes as it emerges from the deep

Black passage
Leads onto Cthonian Tracks
Once you have passed the gates
You’ll never go back
Black passage
Leads on a netherbound path
Once you have passed
You know you’ll never come back

The great Imposter’s got his missioners alligned
Manipulating and deluding every mind
He offers remedy for every mortal sin
Lurking beyond the gates prepared to take you in

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  1. Black Passage
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