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When I saw you down at the lido
It was a hot Saturday night
You were on fire and I was burning up
But just one look from you
And I knew it would be alright

It was the Bombananza
Yeah yeah
The Bombananza
Oh oh
It was the Bombananza
Yeah yeah

Well the moon was in the ocean
But the stars were in your eyes
I thought my heart was lost forever
But just one kiss from you
And you brought it back to life

It was the Bombananza…

Some call it love some call it amore
That feeling that comes all over you
When your heart has come together
With someone else’s heart
And it’ll never come unglued

That’s the Bombananza…

When she sees you and you see her
And it’s love. Love at first sight
And your heart goes pitter-patter
It goes boom boom boom boom boom
Boom all through the night

That’s the Bombananza…

When the earth begins to tremble
And the ground begins to shake
And your heart’s so filled with wonder
when it’s so filled with love
That you think the thing might break

That’s the Bombananza…

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