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In this deepest night, the moon is watching the world.
Can you feel, the end is near, the end is real.
Time has come to realise…
Time has come for you to close your eyes,
Now, the war is gone, angels are forever gone,
Nevermind the black blod who was falling from the sky…

The end is near, the end becomes real.
Time has come for you to close your eyes,
Time has come to realize…
With the night, life has gone away.

Now war is one, forever.
Nevermind the black blood
Who was falling from the sky.
With the night, angels are gone away.

In this cold world, he used to look at the moon,
He feels the end deep inside.
Time has come to cry, time has come to die.
With the night, life is gone away.
The frozen wind has taken his last breath.

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  1. Until the End
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