Terrorist Tv Lyrics

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You Tell Us The Weather
But We Ain’t Going Out
We’re Stuck On The Sofa
But We Don’t Care About
How You Solve Our Problems
Or We Design Our House
What To Wear When We’re Shopping
Or How To Cook Trout

We Wake Up Every Morning..
To Plastic Grins And Tans..
No Bombs, No Guns,
No Warning Just Winfrey,
Richard And Judy, Yeah, Judy…
On Terrorist TV

She Used To Be A Slag
He Used To Be A Slob
‘Till You Made Them Over
Now They Could Do Your Job

So Tell Us We’re Crazy
We’re Eating Our Brains
Watching Too Much TV
Will Make Us Insane

We Wake Up Every Morning…
To Plastic Grins And Tans…
No Bombs, No Guns,
No Warning Just Esther,
Richard And Judy, hey, Judy..
On Terrorist TV

We Wake Up Every Morning
To Plastic Grins And Tans

Geraldo, Ricki, Leeza
Vanessa, Richard And Judy, Oh, Judy

On Terrorist TV, On Terrorist TV..

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