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and i thought i knew what it was.
i thought i could tell, but now i know i was wrong.
everything that i felt, that i heard
it came back to you.

i’ve got no one to blame,
’cause i know that i should have thought before.

if i had only listened to what they had said
would i be here right now?
everything that i went through with
you has gone bad.

[repeat chorus]

it’s not that i want to hate you,
but you didn’t leave me a lot of choice.
when everything became so clear
and hit me all at once.

my pride got in the way
of what everybody said
and now look where i’m at.
but in the end i guess i got
what was coming to me.

i’ve got no one to blame
’cause i know that i should have thought before…
and everything i ever wanted
left with you right through the door…

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