South Bronx Shit Lyrics

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Everything that they doing right now, we done did it up in the Bronx
South Bronx shit
Everything that you see right now, we done did it up in the Bronx

[Verse 1]
From the place on the earth, where this shit was birthed
You caught on, we did it first
The gift, the curse
Get shot on planet rock if you ignore the message
Flow so dirty it could cause infections
Bronx nigga on my eulogy, that’s cool with me
Bury me in the dirt next to ’80 when they fade me
Cut from the cloth of a brand new Adidas shoe
Looking for the truth, then we the group, come on

The way you stand in your b-boy stance, that’s South Bronx shit
Onstage and you make them say ‘ho’ that’s South Bronx shit
Now everybody:
(Sampling from iconic Bronx hip-hop)
All my out-of-town cats get ’em up, get ’em up
All my out-of-town cats get ’em up, get ’em up
You’re about to witness something you’ve never witnessed before
Never thought hip-hop could take it this far


[Verse 2]
Show and A.G. might blow the A.C
So hot, don’t wanna face me
Told you ? and projects are where I’m from
Hatin’ in the whole planet, stay cool while you panic
Taught pawns
Whoop the world when I get my arms on
Ripped tight like Armstrong
Cut from the cloth of an ’83 sheepskin
This is murda-murda call the precinct



And the boogie-down Bronx
This is our intervention — South Bronx

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