Crossroad 666 Lyrics

Crossroad 666 lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Sin7sinS and released on the Album Perversion Ltd.. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Crossroad 666 lyric.

I stay cold and calm
emotionless my face
you visit while I sleep
Your eyes glow like fire
Amidst the hollow dark
come to me my love

So cold, I shiver
Your touch
point the gun at me
Bang bang, I quiver
Shot down
You brought me on my knees

And I ache no more the darkness taken me

I linger in dreams
What was bound by blood
Can’t be undone no more
My heart craves the longing
The dream once so frail
Lies broken on the floor

What you wished for
is a melody
Now it’s here
to haunt your every dream
What you needed
is therapy
Come back no more, no more, no more

And I ache no more the darkness taken me again
and I feel no more
no meaning to my end

Perversion Ltd. Album Song List

  1. Crossroad 666
  2. Eye want All
  3. 7even Stitches
  4. Insult #7
  5. Portrait in Blood (Braindead)
  6. Dead World
  7. Taste of Twilight
  8. Sexual Predator
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