Razor Blade Lyrics

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I’m ready – if you need me
I’ll crawl out the jungle
I’m ready – oh it may seem mean
A mystery, hungry eyes

I’m ready – with passion and emotion
At witch house
I’m ready – a rush is over
Devil smiles, voodoo arise

Sharper than the knife
Rounder than the edge of a razor blade
Sharper than the knife
Flashin’ in the night

Razor blade [2]

I’m ready – The danger lurks everywhere
Run through the jungle
I’m ready – If you need me
No chance to hide … the obsession


Razor blade [2]

With these eyes still alive
Grow into ecstasy
Living in a trance so wild
There’s no escape from here

I’m ready – To leave the black cave
All or nothing
I’m ready – To break into daylight
Ready … to explode


Razor blade [3]

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