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Feat. Francisco & Kaye Styles


Verse: I noticed, you don’t love me like you said you did,
Every day fighting about the same shit.
You kept on stressing me, herasing me,
Giving me no peace, so I gotta leave.
But before I say good bye, I wanne be the reason why you cry,
You never know, the worth of what you got,
But you will know when I am gone, and never come back.

I told you that I loved you so,
But you just wanted cash and doe,
Oh, sorry girl you gotta go,
I aint got no time for you no more,
I told you that I loved you so,
But you just wanted cash and doe,
Sorry girl you gotta go,
I aint got no,
I aint got no time.
I got no time.
I aint got no,
I aint got no time.

I travelled all around the world,
Looking for somebody just like you,
Who could take the pain away, (take the pain away)
I got no time, I know there aint no other way, (yeah)
Cause I try, I try to pass it off and move on, move on, move on,
There aint nothing holding me, but girl I try,
I try to make things work between us,
You and I, were never meant to be together,
And it hurts my heart, to know that I am still in love with you girl,
Still in love with u girl

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