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I’m quick learning lessons from the devil
but can’t decide whether I arrived or was contrived

I view so many faces from a tower
up above
neglected inner wants and hungers for what I love

cluttered bunched black eyed and voiceless
I fill up the sugar cup to stay up at night in my black upabove

where my face is a moon full of craters
with crummy eyes and cyst-thighs
a perfect beacon for the fictionettes
who spread their legs wide open on the plasma
embodiments of everything i hide about my self today

hips rashed
barely wrenched into my upmost ambition for attraction
so I nurse fellow wilted and the withered
shallow love
smut love
our love in my black upabove

my face is a room full of mirrors
with crummy eyes and blistered thighs a bent brain full of lies
a beacon for the fiction body voodoo
embodiments in morbid tense
misplace your grace to chase your copaface

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