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You are the night, uh uh huh
And I am the day, uh huh
In the seventeenth hour we meet
Whenever I descend in sunset there you are following, my knight
So sweet with the scent of life you fill me, you fill me, fill me

Ooh, ooh, I want to return this love
For it’s always spring when you’re near
Bringing the serenity of a pure white dove, white dove
Yes you do with your love

I am the moon and you are the sun
When when when when daylight breaks soon darknesss will come
It is in this cycle, yeah, we become one
I am you, you are me a reflection, when looking I see myself myself

You are the night, uh uh huh
And that I am the day, uh huh
Veil the sky your body in a blanket of deep blue
So I can uncover, undress and complete you

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