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Paralyzed lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Starlight Mints and released on the Album Barsuk Records Treats 2010. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Paralyzed lyric.

So what if I told you I was speaking to the center for a while?
So what if in fact I was beat back? and living in a fairy-tale
With all the creatures and preachers and all the sanity
Shaking their flashlights, control brats?
I know I never said it, but does it really matter
You’re paralyzed
But now I think it’s begun
Powers of the strange, looking for angels in the caves
Crumbling one to with the balance?
Under the wheels, she stays
Until we find a way up
Of getting off this thing, no matter what they say
I’ll open up a reason
I know I never said, but does it really matter
It’s not a fight
The hours are compatible, tell me there’s a reason to clarify
Is there a reason to go
Up the stairs
Down your eye
We’re sensible, now that we fill the void
Cut for miles, the face to chance
You’re in control
Pretty and paralyzed
Got no feel in your legs
Which just so many ways that we couldn’t fight
Now I’m standing on the rattles and throwing opportunity
Your towel’s on the floor, a feeling nevermore
And saying that you’re broke and never to be left again
When everything is dry, with cobwebs in your eye
Cobdrum is the reason
You’re pretty and paralyzed
Got no feel in your legs
And wishing so many things
Pretty and paralyzed
Now I’m standing on the rattles and throwing opportunity

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