Blues Dance Raid Lyrics

Blues Dance Raid lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Steel Pulse and released on the Album Miscellaneous. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Blues Dance Raid lyric.

Muzik a bubble not looking for trouble
Some shekels fe I shenks
Just a burn up de lambs bread
Session rocking yeh

So dem come, so dem drop
From time to time dem been watching
Dem a spy with dem bad eye
Come a raid I blues dance

Tipped off by informers
Dem a watch who come out and come in yeh
Come a raid I blues dance
Yes, they knew when the time would be right

Run, come, gate crash I party
Come a raid I blues dance
Raid blues dance, raid I blues
Come a raid I blues dance

Kick off door, woe I name dem call
I back against de wall a rub a daughter
Come a raid I blues dance

Dem a run come kill, I vibe interfere with I
The pigs come to destroy Rasta cry blood
Dreadlocks cry blood

Raid blues dance
Out of darkness out of night
People screaming, batons wheeling
A lot of bleeding bruised feelings

Search warrant for their outvitation
Walkie talkies reinforcements
From dem, pocket dem draw handcuff
Dis yah session it rough
Every step of the way got to retaliate yeh

Fight dem, back mash dem down
Vex to death dem a threat
Mek arrest, kiss me neck
Raid blues dance raid I blues

A run come a run come who
Run come kill I vibe interfere with I
Pigs come to destroy Rasta cry blood
Dreadlocks cry blood

Come a come a come a come a raid
Come a kick I speaker
Come a mash up I tweeter
Come a grab up I shenks

Come a lick out I window
Come a move out I soft drink
Come a rough up the people
Come a turn off me System

Have fe give you some bitch lick
Come a smash I turntables
Come a scratch up I music
Come a drive up you meat van
Come a come a come a raid

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