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I saw you waiting on the front porch
I had to sneak in through the back door
I guess it’s just too much to hope for
That you’d simply go away
It’s just too obvious to mention
I need a hero’s intervention
The attention is crushing me
And it happens everyday

Could you pick on someone your own size
Get it out of your head that I’m just what you want
Could you give it a rest let me catch my breath
Go pick on somebody else

Have I done something to offend you
Or is it something that your into
You play this game because you want to
Cause it’s all you have to give
I’d like to find you a replacement
I’m tired of hiding in the basement
I guess I really should embrace it
Is there no avoiding this?


I can’t escape
Can’t run away
You’ll always be
Just around the corner


Pick on someone else

Bully Album Song List

  1. Over
  2. Bully
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