(Version: To Decline To Make Some Tea) Lyrics

(Version: To Decline To Make Some Tea) lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Ted Leo And The Pharmacists and released on the Album Tej Leo(?), Rx/Pharmacists. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song (Version: To Decline To Make Some Tea) lyric.

You’re invited to decline.
You’re invited to decline-iene-iene…

Tej Leo(?), Rx/Pharmacists Album Song List

  1. Set You Free
  2. (Version: To Decline To Take a Shower)
  3. Mr. Annoyatron Brown
  4. Call Off the Invasion/Flydocious Invasion
  5. (None)
  6. Sm 11:11/The Trumpet of the Martians
  7. Head In The Freezer
  8. Friends and Bands
  9. Congressional Dubcision
  10. Walking Through
  11. Lui Prima Mobile
  12. (Version: To Decline To Make Some Tea)
  13. The King of Time
  14. The "Nice People" Argument
  15. The Pharmacist V. the Secret Stars (Version: to Decline)
  16. Soon Dubward
  17. The Northeast Corridor
  18. (Version: Whisper: Courage)
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