What Is Wrong With The Americans Lyrics

What Is Wrong With The Americans lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist Terrorgruppe and released on the Album 1 World - 0 Future. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song What Is Wrong With The Americans lyric.

Hey shave their arms, their chest and legs
Turn out the lights when they have sex
Feel ashamed when they get undressed
Think Budweiser taste the best

They don’t drink it in the street
Eat cholesterol – free meat
Stage dive till they break their neck
When problems start they smoke some crack

What is wrong?
What is wrong with the Americans?
What is wrong?

Girls like silicon, boys like guns
Grandpa killed the Indians
A cum shot on the intern’s skirt –
Dam Irakies: eat some dirt.
Their policy might be violent
Invasion of some sunny island
Bombs and missiles always right
Cause the lord is on their side

Lady liberty, Uncle Sam
Babababa babara Ann
Sergeant rock and Mrs. Robinson
What’s wrong with the Americans.

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