Shit Piss Die Lyrics

Shit Piss Die lyrics is a famous song. Song sung by the Artist The Flaming Tsunamis and released on the Album Fear Everything. CSLyrics features all the songs list of this album. We proudly present you the song Shit Piss Die lyric.

We Sleep, They Live
In our perception, media deception.
System of degradation, keeps us complacent.
Network of distraction, keeps us inactive.
Don’t think, just watch, believe your eyes.
Give me education, teach me not to question.
Livestock for the ultra rich, but we never truly live.

I know just how these two were knocked out.
Did you ever really have a single doubt?
Thought that you could read between the lines.
Accept their truth and you only come up blind.
You trust too much the hand that feeds you.
It’s time to bite it off and see through.
All of the lies that keep you in your place.
Destroy their truth then rebuild and replace.

Attention, Attention, Read all about it.
The world you heard is a lie but don’t doubt it.

Attention, Attention, Read all about it.
The headline reads that you’re the fucking terrorist.

I will avenge your death,
With words or actions that I take and the things you thought I’d never say.
This word called truth, you don’t know what it means,
Claim your rights or have no say.

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